How To Feed Your Baby


bookProper nourishment ensures proper growth and development of a child. The physical and mental health of a child begins from the day he was born. Every child, therefore, needs to be given the right nutrients at the start of his early years. The first two years are the most crucial to lay a good foundation for good eating habits.

“How To Feed Your Baby – The Asian Way” is an invaluable guide for new parents on this issue. The book discusses antenatal preparations, introducing solids and progresses to types of food that are suitable for toddlers. There are also recipes to help parents come up with nutritious dishes that both their little ones and the rest of the family can enjoy!

It’s a very practical one-stop pick-me-up guide for parents. The many pictorial illustrations make for quick and easy understanding. This book is certainly a must-have for every parent who wants only the best for their child.

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