Chinese Chives Myth

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Chinese chives
Chinese chives

Rub baby’s gum with chinese chives.

Reason: Teething will be less painful and easier for the baby.

True or False?

Answer: Supposed to be True

I just heard this one sometime ago but have not been able to test it as all the children at my centre were too “oldâ” to test. What this tale is about is that you rub the baby’s gums with 2 sprigs of chinese chives on the day he or she is 4 months old according to his chinese age. This is supposed to ensure that when he starts teething, it will be less painful and easier. In addition, you are supposed to string some Marie biscuits and hang it round the baby’s neck. You then take the biscuits one by one and symbolically wipe the baby’s mouth with it. This is to ensure that the baby will not salivate so much during the teething process. I checked this myth with my older relatives and they all agreed that it is true. My mother said that she did this with Marie and she really did not have any problems at all.

chinese_chives_myth_1 String 12 pieces of Marie biscuits with a piece of red thread and hang it around the child’s neck.
chinese_chives_myth_2 Rub the child’s gums with a couple of chives
chinese_chives_myth_3 Starting with the first piece of biscuit, rub the child’s mouth and the area around it with the biscuit.
chinese_chives_myth_4 Every time that you rub the biscuit, say to the child, “You will not have any problem teething and you will not dribble saliva.”
chinese_chives_myth_5 Once you have completed rubbing all the 12 pieces of biscuits, the parents must eat the biscuits. This is so that the parents will help the child swallow the saliva during the teething process.

This little baby started teething before his fourth month and he had a few problems. Firstly, he refused to suck from the bottle because of the discomfort so we had to spoon feed him. He also started drooling a lot. We decided to try out this myth to see if it really works!

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One thought on “Chinese Chives Myth

  1. This myth is true. My mother did this for all her grandchildren and none of them had teething problems. The two youngest’s parents lived too far and my mother couldn’t apply. These two had teething problems. I will definitely do this for my future grandchildren.

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