Bitter Gourd Vine Myth

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Bath the baby with boiled bitter gourd vine.

Reason: To reduce “heatiness” in babies.

True or False?

Answer: True

During the confinement month, most Asian mothers eat “heaty” food as it is believed that the body is cold after childbirth. If the baby is breast fed, the “heatiness” of the food does go to the baby and some babies develop “heaty” rashes especially on the face and head.

bittergourd-vine-myth_heatrash Sebastian with heat rashes all over the face, head and upper body. The rashes on the face had become hard and crusty and looked quite sore.
Bitter gourd vine You can buy the dried bitter gourd vine from a Chinese medical hall. Costs about RM 4.00 per bundle

You need to do the bath once a day for 3 days

bittergourd-vine-myth_boil Add sufficient water to completely cover the dried vines. Bring the water to boiling then lower the flame and boil for 2 hours.
bittergourd-vine-myth_bath Let the boiled liquid cool down first. Pour the liquid into the bath tub and add sufficient water to bathe baby
bittergourd-vine-myth_wipebaby Wet a couple of cotton wool squares in the water and wipe the baby’s face with it. Do this several times.
bittergourd-vine-myth_wipebaby2 Make sure that you wipe all the affected areas thoroughly
bittergourd-vine-myth_bathbaby2 Wash the baby’s head as per normal bathing
bittergourd-vine-myth_bathbaby Put the baby into the tub and bath as per normal. Take baby out and dry by patting.

Do not use soap or baby bath

Do not rinse off the water

bittergourd-vine-myth_rash Sebastian after having the bath twice. There are some rashes still but it is not crusty and sore looking anymore.
bittergourd-vine-myth_norash After the third bath, Sebastian’s face is totally clear of rashes and is baby smooth again

Anytime that your baby is “heaty” you can use this bath to cool him down but you only need to do this once if there are no heat rashes.

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