Mosquito Bite Myth

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To stop the itch from a mosquito bite, use your nail and gently press all over the swelling.

Reason: Pressing with the nail will disperse the toxin in the mosquito’s saliva.

True or False?

Answer: True

mosquito-bite-myth A Mosquito bite itches and swells as the result of an allergic reaction to the anticoagulant in her saliva. Sometimes the itch is unbearable especially for small children and if they scratch too much the skin may break and become infected.
mosquito-bite-myth_nail1 Starting in the center, gently press the wheal or bump with your nail, like cutting a cake.
mosquito-bite-myth_nail2 Continue pressing until the bump is almost flat
mosquito-bite-myth_nail3 See how the bump is almost flat and the itch is gone. This works for the bites of most other insects as well

Most times a mosquito bite is not serious but some mosquitoes may transmit diseases like dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever and viral encephalitis . Preventing being bitten is the most important aspect especially if there is a risk of any infectious mosquito linked diseases in your area.

Natural prevention of mosquito bites


  • Stay in the breeze. Mosquito can fly only 8 m.p.h., so it doesn’t take much to waft her away.
  • Choose a high sunny location. Mosquito dehydrates easily, therefore prefers shade and low areas where the humidity is higher


  • Wear long sleeved loose-fitting clothes.
  • Choose earth coloured clothes. Green is best and brown rates second. Blue and red will attract mosquitoes.
  • Air out outdoor clothing so that it does not harbor attractive odors.

Oil your skin

  • Mosquitoes are obsessive about keeping their wings grease-free.
  • Apply aromatic oil such as Citronella, Cedar (or other conifer) or crushed orange peel, onion or garlic. Pay special attention to the warmest, leanest parts of your body — neck, armpits, ears, wrists — wherever blood vessels are close to the surface. It is best to apply the oil on the clothes of children instead of directly onto the skin.
  • Avoid scented personal care products and laundry detergents. They are seductive perfume to Mosquito when activated by body heat.


  • Choose midday or after dark to be out. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk.
  • Choose a cool over a hot day, a sunny over a cloudy day, a low-humidity over a high-humidity day to be outdoors.

Note: Look out for article on dengue fever (coming soon!)

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