Baby Thigh Myth

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The crease(s) on your baby’s thighs will determine the sex of your next baby.

Reason: I honestly do not know the reason.

True or False?

Answer: True

baby-thigh-myth_thigh2 A single crease on both thighs means that your next baby will be a boy.
Two creases on both thighs means that your next baby will be a girl.

Unfortunately, right now, I have no photos of the babies with double creases. I will post a photo once I have it so be patient.

baby-thigh-myth_thigh1 A single crease on one thigh and a double crease on the other means that you cannot predict the sex of the next baby although some people says to go by the crease on the right thigh.
baby-thigh-myth_thigh4 3 months later, this baby’s creases have changed to a single one on both thighs therefore it means that the next baby will be a boy.

During all my years of working with babies I have found this to be very accurate especially if it is clearly a single or double crease. The prediction with combined creases is a fifty-fifty chance.

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One thought on “Baby Thigh Myth

  1. This isnt true for me. My first born had double lines on both thighs that were still there after 3 months. But my 2nd child is a boy.

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