Bread Crust Myth

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Do not give bread crust to children.

Reason: They will choke on it.

True or False?

Answer: False

According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a crumb of bread crust has eight times the amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants as a crumb from another part of the slice.

However, I notice that most Asian families only give the center part of the bread to small children and they throw away the crust. I believe in teaching the children to eat every part of the bread including the crust so that they get the necessary antioxidants.

bread-crust-myth_bread bread-crust-myth_crustcutup I prefer to give the children more of the crust as this is where the goodness is. Make sure that you cut it up into small bite size pieces
bread-crust-myth_james1 bread-crust-myth_james2 Once your baby is over 1 year old you can teach him to feed himself. Never leave your child to eat without supervision as he may put all of the food into his mouth and choke.
bread-crust-myth_james3 bread-crust-myth_james4 If your baby is below 1 year old you can give him a few small pieces of the crust soaked in milk.
bread-crust-myth_james5 bread-crust-myth_james6 As you can see from the photos, James really enjoyed eating the crust and he thinks it is finger licking-good.

It is not true that eating the crust will make your hair curly or your teeth whiter.

Below is a bit of history about bread for your education.

In England, during the 1500s bread was divided according to status.

The workers got the burnt bottom of the loaf, the family got the middle and the guests got the top or the upper crust.

This is probably why the top layer of society is always referred to as the upper crust.

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