Underwear myth

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underwear-mythIf your baby sleeps all day and stays awake during the night you should put a pair of his father’s underwear upside down above his head for a couple of days.

Reason: It is believed that the baby’s sleeping pattern is upside down therefore by placing the underwear in the upside down position it will revert the baby’s sleeping pattern to “normal”.

True or False?

Answer: False

I have tried it on many babies and it does not work at all.


One way to get your baby to sleep longer at night is to teach your baby the difference between day and night. You can do this by dressing him in day clothes during the day and pyjamas at night. Many parents are afraid that the new baby will be cold so they dress him in pyjamas all the time. I personally like to put the babies into their day clothes when they wake up in the morning and have some play time instead of leaving them in their pyjamas until their bath-time which is usually around noon. Put your baby into his pyjamas around 8 p.m. and wish him goodnight. Play some soothing music and sing lullabies to get him sleepy. Also babies are great copycats, so yawn and close your eyes and your baby will imitate you and very soon he will be asleep.

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